TOP 30

  1. WHOOP-SZO*   Citizen's Ban(ne)d Radio (Out Of Sound)
  2. BEGONIA*   Lady In Mind (Self-Released)
  3. DJ SHUB*   Pow Wow Step (Self-Released)
  4. DO MAKE SAY THINK*   Stubborn Persistent Illusions (Constellation)
  5. BROKEN SOCIAL SCENE*   Hug of Thunder (Arts & Crafts)
  6. THE JERRY CANS*   Inuusuq/Life (Aakuluk)
  7. STEVE COLEMAN'S NATAL ECLIPSE   Morphogenisis (Pi)
  8. THE FRANKLIN ELECTRIC*   Blue Ceilings (Indica)
  9. THE LUYAS*   Human Voicing (Paper Bag)
  10. HOMESHAKE*   Fresh Air (Royal Mountain)
  11. TEENANGER*   Teenager (Telephone Explosion)
  12. THE HEADSTONES*   Little Army (Cadence Music Group)
  13. DAN AUERBACH   Waiting On A Song (Easy Eye Sound)
  14. FLEET FOXES   Crack-Up (Sub Pop)
  15. TOPS*   Sugar at the Gate (Arbutus)
  16. DANIEL ROMANO*   Modern Pressure (You've Changed)
  17. LAND OF TALK*   Life After Youth (Dine Alone)
  18. SHE-DEVILS*   She-Devils (Arbutus)
  19. JOHN KAMEEL FARAH*   Time Sketches (Neue Meister)
  20. NEEDLES//PINS*   Goodnight, Tomorrow (Mint)
  21. BERNICE*   Puff EP (Arts & Crafts)
  22. BONNIE TRASH*   Ezzelini's Dead (Self-Released)
  23. MAC DEMARCO*   This Old Dog (Royal Mountain)
  24. DREAM WHIP*   Dream Whip (Self-Released)
  25. SHANNON KINGSBURY*   Bones & Secrets (Self-Released)
  26. PRAIRIE CAT*   Is Cary Pratt (Indie)
  27. CANAILLES*   Backflips (Grosse Boite)
  28. COMMON DEER*   I (Self-Released)
  29. BEACH HOUSE   B-Sides and Rarities (Sub Pop)
  30. WASHED OUT   Mister Mellow (Stones Throw)


  1. DJ SHUB*   Pow Wow Step (Self-Released)
  2. WASHED OUT   Mister Mellow (Stones Throw)
  3. THE PURVEYORS OF FREE WILL*   BLOOD like INK. Unbidden (Baffled Octopi)
  4. JUANA MOLINA   Halo (Crammed Discs)
  5. INTERGALACTIX   3:33 (Self-Released)
  6. SHED*   Worst Case Scenario (Hailstone)
  7. FOREST SWORDS   Compassion (Ninja Tune)
  8. FLOATING POINTS   Reflections - Mojave Desert (Luaka Bop)
  9. BAD CHANNELS*   Lost Time I (Buzz)
  10. DAKTYL   The Act of Hesitation (Counter)

Jazz & Experimental

  1. STEVE COLEMAN'S NATAL ECLIPSE   Morphogenisis (Pi)
  2. WILLIAM PARKER QUARTETS   Meditation/Reflection (AUM Fidelity)
  3. ANDY HAAS*   Taballah II (Resonant Music)
  4. ALICE COLTRANE   The Ecstatic Music of Alice Coltrane Turiyasangitananda (Luaka Bop)
  5. CRAIG PEDERSEN QUINTET*   Approaching the Absence of Doing (Mystery & Wonder)
  6. AMBROSE AKINMUSIRE   A Rift In Decorum: Live At the Village Vanguard (Blue Note)
  7. JAIMIE BRANCH   Fly or Die (International Anthem)
  8. HARRIS EISENSTADT*   Recent Developments (Songlines)
  9. CHARLES LLOYD QUARTET   Passin' Thru (Self-Released)
  10. DAVID S. WARE TRIO   Live In New York, 2010 (AUM Fidelity)


  1. WHOOP-SZO*   Citizen's Ban(ne)d Radio (Out Of Sound)
  2. NEEDLES//PINS*   Goodnight, Tomorrow (Mint)
  3. DREAM WHIP*   Dream Whip (Self-Released)
  4. NINJASPY*   Sp√ľken (Self-Released)
  5. MASTODON   Emperor Of Sand (Reprise)
  7. ARCADIA   Arcadea (Relapse)
  8. DRAGONFORCE   Reaching Into Infinity (special edition) (Metal Blade)
  9. EX EYE*   Ex Eye (Relapse)
  10. SLATES*   Summery (New Damage)


  1. THE JERRY CANS*   Inuusuq/Life (Aakuluk)
  2. DANIEL ROMANO*   Modern Pressure (You've Changed)
  3. SHANNON KINGSBURY*   Bones & Secrets (Self-Released)
  4. CANAILLES*   Backflips (Grosse Boite)
  5. ALANNA GURR AND THE GREATEST STATE*   Stand Still (Missed Connection)
  6. MALACHI VALE*   Swan Song (Maisonnette)
  7. COLTER WALL*   Colter Wall (young mary's)
  8. RICHARD LAVIOLETTE*   Taking The Long Way Home (You've Changed)
  9. SARAH JANE SCOUTEN*   When the Bloom Falls from the Rose (Light Organ)
  10. STEWART LEGERE*   Quiet the Station (Self-Released)