Construction in the University Centre

Hi friends of CFRU!

This is to let you know that for a portion of the summer break, the University Centre is undergoing construction that has unfortunately affected access to CFRU. We have not yet been notified on exactly how long this will last, but we have made alternative arrangements in order to ensure that everyone can continue to access our resources in the meantime.

Our main entrance can still be accessed via the side stairwell closest to the station. This is the stairwell in the Northeast corner of the building, over by the Booster Juice and café on the main floor. If you’d like a map of the location, please email Please be aware that the bathrooms directly outside of the station entrance will unfortunately become unavailable at some point during this process as well. The University Centre does have several other washrooms available throughout the building that will remain available.

For anyone with mobility issues, we have set up a temporary studio in the University Centre that can be accessed via the South elevators. The room # is 245, and is located just to the left of the 2nd floor elevators, over by the Central Student Association (it has a red door, and there are signs pointing you to it). This studio will be available by appointment with a staff member, and you can email and/or to book the room.

We apologize for this inconvenience, and hope that it won’t last for too long. If you have any other questions, please email