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2015: Thanks for the Support!

Thank You!

CFRU’s Raise Your Voice fundraising drive has been a yearly tradition at the station for many years now. As a not-for-profit organization, CFRU strongly relies on the support of our community members, and we are incredibly thankful for the generosity shown by the Guelph community during our funding drives and beyond.

We have decided that going forward, we are only going to hold funding drives when we have an initiative or goal that we absolutely would not be able to achieve without the support of our membership. As such, CFRU will not be holding a funding drive this year. Our goal is to instead be out in the community more often, engaging with our audiences more directly through remote broadcasts, and aiming to help give back to the community that has already given us so much.

And although we will not be holding a funding drive, we are always accepting donations via our website or in person, from anyone who still wants to contribute.

Thank you for your support.


CFRU has been Guelph’s campus and community radio station for over 30 years. We engage, entertain, and inform our listeners. We broadcast voices, music, and ideas that you can’t hear anywhere else, online or on the radio dials. To keep going, we raise funds annually.


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2015: Thanks for your support!


2014 giveaways!

In 2014 we had the following incentives but these items are available at our station year round: $30 CFRU earbuds in a case + t-shirt!

$50 … Plus CFRU key to the Station usb key filled with ‘Best Of’ CFRU programming from 2013-14!

$75 … Plus CFRU toque + magnetic poetry!

$100 … Plus CFRU mug and tea!