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May 09, 2021
2:00 pm to 4:00 pm

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hosted by
Doug Blackwood

Seems Like Old Times

Music and old time radio from the 1930’s to 1950’s, plus information and commentary... play now

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CFRU 93.3fm has been bringing you 250 watts of community power for over 40 years! We engage, inform and entertain our listeners. We empower and mentor our volunteers. We support great people doing creative projects in and around Guelph. We raise awareness of community issues, events, and concerns. We introduce new ideas and perspectives, and focus on voices you can’t hear anywhere else. To get involved in programming and production, promote an initiative or event, help develop our music library, and develop new media making skills, email anytime!


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Do you have a "long tale" you want to share? Because we're "all ears"! Consider submitting to our Mini-Interview series!
Comic by Jangandfox

Happy Mother's Day! Celebrate with Curtis Walker and his kids with today's Kookoo Bananas Variety Show! Tune in front 10am-11am.

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The title says it all: join in from 4pm-6pm for the best Caribbean music, hosted by Keon! Let's gooo!

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Let's take you back to the 1930s. A simpler time. Seems Like Old Times, hosted by Doug Blackwood every Sunday from 2pm-4pm.

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Ever considered working for the @GuelphLibrary? There are many positions available!

Want some international music to spruce up your morning? Then tune in to A Dog's Breakfast, hosted by Sheila, this morning from 10am-11am!

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Friday evening is our favourite time because it means it's time for Alegria Latina! Hosted by DJ Juan Carlos Taborda from 8pm-10pm, tune in for the best Latin pop music.

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The @emwf has so many amazing virtual events on for adults and kids (stay-at-home order, who??) so be sure to check out the schedule for events!

"The work represents a hopeful, revisionist view of the world—one in which women share the same mobility as their male counterparts."

Our top five played albums this week: local act Layten Kramer, followed by Vancouverite Haleluya Hailu, Montreal's Dominique Fils-Aimé, Vancouver's Michaela Slinger, and Calgary's Chad VanGaalen. Check out our full weekly charts here:☝️

When classical meets modern classical meet, you'll find there's a lot of intricacies and contrasting ideas. Join Christopher and Fangwei today from 3pm-4pm for Visions Fugitives!

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Our pals over at @TheOntarion are sharing our Top 10 charts again! Get your fix of the best of the best according to CFRU's very own 😉

We've got experimental, hip hop, old soul, jazz, a dash of indie. Sound good?

Tune in to Sounds Good to Me, hosted by Stacey, from 6pm-7pm for a little bit of everything.

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Want to work with the pals at @silence_guelph? They're hiring an Administrative Assistant as part of the Student Summer Jobs program. Check the job description for details and eligibility!

Our very own Nicholas Cooper, host of The Sentinel's Marvellous Kaleidoscope, will be hosting a Mini-Interview today at 4:30pm talking to their friend and musician, Erin Corbett. #CFRUMiniInterview
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Do you want to know what's going on in the world of social justice? Be sure to tune in to RadiOPIRG with Mandy from @opirgguelph from 3pm-4pm!

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Did you miss your favourite show this week? Last week? Well you can re-listen to EVERYTHING through our archives!

Do you think indie is a boy's club? Not anymore, thanks to Sad Girls Indie Rock Club, hosted by Jess! Tune in today from 5pm-6pm for all indie, all female-led bands.

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Alex Porat shares topsy-turvy dance video for "dimension"

Be sure to reserve a copy of Thomas King's first graphic novel, Borders, in the library catalogue today at

#newrelease #thomasking #guelphauthor

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Charts May 4, 2021

  1. THE WEATHER STATION* Ignorance (Next Door)
  2. KRIS ULRICH* Pacific Central (Birthday Cake)
  3. SOOK-YIN LEE & ADAM LITOVITZ* jooj two (Mint)
  4. BLUNDERSPUBLIK* Tracker's Trails (Sfeericle)
  5. CHAD VANGAALEN* World's Most Stressed Out Gardener (Flemish Eye)
  6. MARGARET TRACTEUR* Mettre la charrue devant les boeufs (Pantoum)
  7. GODSPEED YOU! BLACK EMPEROR* G_d's Pee AT STATE'S END (Constellation)
  8. THE AUGUST ARRIVAL* All Blue and Gold (Self-Released)
  9. MO KENNEY* Covers (Turtlemusik)
  10. ISKWE* The Stars (Self-Released)
Top 30 CFRU