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Welcome to CFRU’s music page! Here you’ll be able to search our libraries, see what’s charting, find instructions for sending us your music (we have a new form just for local musicians!), or see how to get involved if you’re interested in volunteering in our music department. There are also some helpful links for further musical explorations.

The department is overseen by CFRU’s Music Director, Alexandra Rimmington – with the help of several hardworking volunteers.

For any questions regarding the information on this page, please send a message to Alex by emailing

Office hours are generally Mon-Fri: 10am-5pm

submission guidelines

If you are looking to submit your music to CFRU, please ensure that:

Your submission is an EP or album with at least 3 different songs.
You include artist and album info, track listings, and your contact info!
You send digital submissions as download links to High quality mp3s are preferred.

Please Note that physical submissions are temporarily suspended due to COVID. 

For tracking, please contact us by email.

CFRU’s Digital Music Library

Search the database by keywords using CTRL or Command + F.

For a more dynamic view that lets you sort columns how you prefer, go to the Google spreadsheet version.

For questions, or for download requests (current programmers only), please email

Programmers: Log in to -Music Share- account

show your cfru love Local Music Submissions

Are you a musician that is local to Guelph or surrounding area within 50 km, and would like to have your music considered for our library?

Upload your music directly or provide us with a download link using our Local Music Submissions Form!

Submissions must be:

  • Either an EP or a full-length album (minimum of 3 different tracks)
  • Available as high-quality mp3s

 Submit Your Music Here!

Volunteer in the Music Dept

Things to do

Review music

Report weekly charts

Update music libraries

Create on-air playlists

All tasks are available remotely!

Get started

Attend an Orientation

Talk to Alex!

Choose a task

Receive training!

Charts May 24, 2022

  1. JOYFUL JOYFUL* Joyful Joyful (Idée Fixe)
  2. 1969 COLLECTIVE* 1969 (Self-Released)
  3. EUCALYPTUS* Moves (Telephone Explosion)
  4. MISSY D* Case Départ (Birthday Cake)
  5. EBI SODA Honk If You're Sad (Tru Thoughts)
  6. JOYFULTALK* Familiar Science (Constellation)
  7. ANNIE SUMI* Solastalgia (Self-Released)
  8. NO FRILLS* Downward Dog (Self-Released)
  10. MILES OKAZAKI Thisness (Pi)
Top 30 CFRU