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TOP 30

  1. INNES WILSON* The Heart That Holds This Up (Out Of Sound) 
  2. OH SEES Face Stabber (Castle Face)
  3. ALTIN GUN Gece (ATO / Glitterbeat)
  4. DANIEL NORGREN Wooh Dang (Superpuma)
  5. HOT CHIP A Bath Full of Ecstasy (Domino)
  6. BON IVER i,i (Jagjaguwar)
  7. MAUNO* Really Well (Tin Angel)
  8. ADA LEA* what we say in private (Next Door / Saddle Creek)
  9. SHOTGUN JIMMIE* Transistor Sister 2 (You’ve Changed)
  10. NECKING* Cut Your Teeth (Mint)
  11. PURPLE MOUNTAINS Purple Mountains (Drag City)
  12. MICHAEL VLATKOVICH 5 WINDS* Five Of Us (PfMentum)
  13. DANNY DON’T SURF* Are We Dead Yet? (Little Room Labs)
  14. ELIZA NIEMI* Vinegar (Vain Mina)
  15. JEREMIE ALBINO Hard Time (Sleepless)
  16. HÉLÈNE BARBIER* Have You Met Elliott? (Michel)
  17. PNEUMA* Who Has Seen The Wind? (Songlines)
  19. DELILUH* Oath Of Intent (Telephone Explosion)
  20. IRISH MYTHEN* Little Bones (Myth Music)
  21. WLMRT* WLMRT Forever (Self-Released)
  22. RHEOSTATICS* Here Come The Wolves (Six Shooter)
  23. GARCIA PEOPLES Natural Facts (Beyond Beyond is Beyond)
  24. CLAIRO Immunity (Fader)
  25. BERNARD ADAMUS* C’qui Nous Reste du Texas (Grosse Boite)
  26. BILL MACKAY Fountain Fire (Drag City)
  27. THE CELTIC KITCHEN PARTY* Sociable! (Self-Released)
  28. BLACK BELT EAGLE SCOUT At The Party With My Brown Friends (Saddle Creek)
  29. VIOLENT FEMMES Hotel Last Resort (Pias)
  30. INVICTA* Halls of Extinction (Self-Released)