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TOP 30

  1. THE SADIES* Colder Streams (Dine Alone)  album cover showing abstract psychedelic paisley patterns in various colours
  2. MARCI* Marci (Arbutus)
  3. BELLEGARDE* Pastourelle (Self-Released)
  4. B.A. JOHNSTON* Werewolves of London, Ontario (Transistor 66)
  5. AQUAKULTRE* Don’t Trip (Forward Music Group)
  6. TANYA TAGAQ* Tongues North Star Remixes (Six Shooter)
  7. ISKWE AND TOM WILSON* Mother Love (Self-Released)
  8. ELF POWER Artificial Countrysides (Yep Roc)
  9. ELIZA NIEMI* Staying Mellow Blows (Vain Mina)
  10. VARIOUS* Forest City Series, Vol. 5 (A Person Disguised As People)
  11. CARL DIDUR* Maybe Next Time (Idée Fixe)
  12. CHEEKFACE Too Much To Ask (Self-Released)
  13. GINA BURGESS* ISNOW (Self-Released)
  14. VARIOUS Shapes: Spectrum (Tru Thoughts)
  15. MEGAMALL* Escape From Lizard City (Fanta)
  16. KIWI JR.* Chopper (Sub Pop)
  18. MOOR MOTHER Jazz Codes (Anti-)
  19. ELAQUENT* Long Drives To Nowhere (Urbnet)
  20. MOTHERHOOD* Winded (Forward Music Group)
  21. MAN MADE HILL* Mirage Repair (Orange Milk)
  22. DILL THE GIANT* Weed Man Son (Deluxe) (Birthday Cake)
  23. MEDICINE SINGERS Medicine Singers (Mothland)
  24. TALLIES* Patina (Hand Drawn Dracula)
  25. KOKOROKO Could We Be More (Brownswood)
  26. MIKE DOWNES* Mind Mirrors (Self-Released)
  27. DK X GHETTOSOCKS* Listen to the Masters (Black Buffalo)
  28. HERMITESS* Ace of Cups – Remixes (Self-Released)
  29. PUNKU Punku (Six Degrees)
  30. STEVE DAWSON & THE TELESCOPE 3* Phantom Threshold (Black Hen)