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TOP 30

  1. AKRON The Akron Quartet Plays Ritualul Sferei (Vampisoul) 
  2. L’EPEE Diabolique (A Recordings)
  4. ANNA WIEBE* All I Do Is Move (Self-Released)
  5. NECKING* Cut Your Teeth (Mint)
  6. SKINNY PELEMBE Dreaming is Dead Now (Brownswood)
  7. MAUNO* Really Well (Tin Angel)
  8. QUANTIC Atlantic Oscillations (Tru Thoughts)
  9. CHRIS HAUER* Hum (Self-Released)
  10. ART ENSEMBLE OF CHICAGO We Are On The Edge (Pi)
  11. WLMRT* WLMRT Forever (Self-Released)
  12. ABSOLUTELY FREE* Geneva Freeport EP (idée fixe records)
  13. ELIZA NIEMI* Vinegar (Vain Mina)
  14. SCRIMSHIRE Listeners (Albert’s Favourites)
  15. SUM-01* The Comeback Queen (Break North)
  16. KIWI JR.* Football Money (Mint)
  17. LOU-ADRIANE CASSIDY* C’est La Fin du Monde à Tous les Jours (Dare To Care)
  18. JESCA HOOP Stonechild (Memphis Industries)
  19. WILLIAM PARKER Live/Shapeshifter (AUM Fidelity)
  20. ADA LEA* what we say in private (Next Door / Saddle Creek)
  21. RICH AUCOIN* Release (Haven)
  22. JÉRÔME 50* Le camp de vacances de Jerome 49 (Grosse Boite)
  23. DEVIN TOWNSEND* Empath (Inside Out)
  24. THE CELTIC KITCHEN PARTY* Sociable! (Self-Released)
  25. DAWN TYLER WATSON* Mad Love (Self-Released)
  26. LEAF RAPIDS* Citizen Alien (Coax)
  27. RICHARD REED PARRY* Quiet River of Dust Vol 2 (Anti-)
  28. IMPERIAL TEEN Now We Are Timeless (Merge)
  29. NATE MERCEREAU Joy Techniques (How So)
  30. PURPLE MOUNTAINS Purple Mountains (Drag City)