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TOP 30

  1. BOYHOOD* My Dread (Self-Released)  image is of a handheld mirror embroidered onto a furry looking background.
  2. CASTLE IF* The Verdant Realm (Self-Released)
  3. SELINA MARTIN* Time Spent Swimming (Self-Released)
  4. STATUS/NON-STATUS* January 3rd (You’ve Changed)
  5. LITTLE SIMZ NO THANK YOU (Forever Living Originals)
  6. ADAM MOWERY* Brick by Brick: 2007-2022 (Monopolized)
  7. YOSA PEIT Phyton (Expanded Edition) (Fire)
  8. DIDON Tunisian Tale (Electrofone)
  9. BELLE AND SEBASTIAN Late Developers (Matador)
  10. BLUNDERSPUBLIK* For Back of a Letter Word (20th Anniversary Edition) (Sfeericle)
  11. LELAND WHITTY* Anyhow (People’s Champ)
  12. SINGLE MOTHERS* Everything You Need (Dine Alone)
  13. SHEBAD* show us it’s real (Self-Released)
  14. ORCHESTRA GOLD Medicine (Self-Released)
  15. ILA BARKER* Fool Under Water (Self-Released)
  16. WHITE LUNG* Premonition (Domino)
  17. ANJALI ROSE The Worlds That Disappear (SXN)
  18. JULY TALK* Remember Never Before (Six Shooter)
  19. BATIDA Neon Colonialismo (Crammed Discs)
  20. MARMALADE DUPLEX* Tropical Metal Studies (Corduroy Palace)
  21. WINNIPEG JAZZ ORCHESTRA* Voices – A Musical Heritage (Self-Released)
  22. THE BLOODY HELL* Nobody Cares (Self-Released)
  23. ELIZABETH REID & ALISON BRUCE CERUTTI* Conjuring: The Viola Music of David Jaeger (Redshift)
  24. SZA SOS (RCA)
  25. DOODOODOO* DOODOODOO: Improvisations (Popop)
  26. MIRABELLE* Flickering Lights EP (Simone)
  27. VARIOUS* Ear Worms: Live Sessions From CJSW 90.9 FM (Self-Released)
  28. TINA LEON* Push EP (Ensoul)
  29. OBITUARY Dying of Everything (Relapse)
  30. ATSUKO CHIBA* Water, It Feels Like It’s Growing (Mothland)



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