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TOP 30

  1. BREEZE* Sour Grapes (Hand Drawn Dracula)  album cover shows three calla lilies in a darkly coloured, geometrically shaped vase.
  2. BLOODSHOT BILL* Psyche-o-Billy (Self-Released)
  3. POSITIVE PEOPLE* Positive People (Self-Released)
  4. NICK ZUBECK* Echo Park (Self-Released)
  5. GINGER BEEF* Ginger Beef (Self-Released)
  6. SHN SHN* Form(s) (Arbutus)
  7. THE BEARSKINS* Had Too Much To Think (Self-Released)
  8. LAL* Spectacular (Coax)
  9. ALEX NICOL* Been A Long Year Vol. 1 & 2 (Self-Released)
  10. ROBBIE ROBERTSON* Killers Of The Flower Moon (Sony Masterworks)
  11. THE GOLDEN AGE OF WRESTLING* Scorpion Deathlock (Self-Released)
  12. GHOST VINES* Mermaids EP (Delicate/Automatic)
  13. GREEN PALM RADIATION* Post Fear (Self-Released)
  14. JAMES CLARK INSTITUTE* Under The Lampshade (Self-Released)
  15. LUGE* I Love It Here, I Live Here (Self-Released)
  16. MIDSWIM* Sneak Behind the Dreams In Your Head (Self-Released)
  17. DWELLER* Dweller EP (Birthday Cake)
  18. JOHN HEWITT* Wonderlust (Self-Released)
  19. KILLER MIKE MICHAEL (Loma Vista)
  20. KIRSTEN LUDWIG* Sunbeam (Oscar St.)
  21. JEREMY DUTCHER* Motewolonuwok (Secret City)
  22. VARIOUS Chicas! Vol. 3 (Vampisoul)
  23. ELEPHANT GYM World (Topshelf)
  24. WISHY paradise (Winspear)
  25. FRIDA KILL Kill! Kill! (Insecurity Hits / Get Better)
  26. MATTHEW SHIPP The Intrinsic Nature Of Shipp (Mahakala)
  27. ZENESOUL* Fantasy (Self-Released)
  28. TEA LEAVES* Whistlin Past the Graveyard (Self-Released)
  29. ELAQUENT* Rediscovery (Mello Music Group)
  30. SMALL PLEASURES* Small Pleasures (Self-Released)




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