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TOP 30

  1. BART* Today, Tomorrow, & the Next Day (Idee Fixe) 
  2. BADGE ÉPOQUE ENSEMBLE * Badge Époque Ensemble  (Telephone Explosion)
  3. HAVIAH MIGHTY* 13th Floor (Self-Released)
  4. MAC DEMARCO* Here Comes the Cowboy (Royal Mountain)
  5. JOHN SOUTHWORTH* Miracle In The Night (Tin Angel)
  6. TRIO ANTIPODES* Upside Downwards (Self-Released)
  7. SUM-01* The Comeback Queen EP (Self-Released)
  8. LAPS* Soon Not Often In It (Terrific Kids)
  9. BILL CALLAHAN Shepherd in a Sheepskin Vest (Drag City)
  10. DUMB* Club Nites (Mint)
  11. RICH AUCOIN* Release (Haven)
  12. MATT MITCHELL Phalanx Ambassadors (Pi)
  13. KIMMORTAL* X Marks The Swirl (Coax)
  14. ABSOLUTELY FREE* Geneva Freeport EP (idée fixe records)
  15. LUNGBUTTER* Honey (Constellation)
  16. BLEU NUIT* Le jardin des memoires (Michel)
  17. TIM BAKER* Forever Overhead (Arts & Crafts)
  18. FLYING LOTUS Flamagra (Warp)
  19. COMBO CHIMBITA Ahomale (Anti-)
  20. RHYE* Spirit (Loma Vista)
  21. CATE LE BON Reward (Mexican Summer)
  22. RICK WHITE AND EIYN SOF* The Opening (Self-Released)
  23. CRABE* Notre-Dame de la vie intérieure (Pantoum Records)
  24. AMY NELSON (AB)* Educated Woman (Self-Released)
  25. CHRIS HAUER* Hum (Self-Released)
  26. LEE FIELDS & THE EXPRESSIONS It Rains Love (Big Crown)
  27. THE NATIONAL I Am Easy to Find (4AD)
  28. BLACK MOUNTAIN* Destroyer (Dine Alone)
  29. THE MATTSON 2 Paradise (Company Records)
  30. T. NILE* Beachfires (Outskirts Central)


  1. FLYING LOTUS Flamagra (Warp)
  2. TIM HECKER* Anoyo (Kranky)
  3. DOOMSQUAD* Let Yourself Be Seen (Royal Mountain)
  4. AMON TOBIN Fear In A Handful Of Dust (Nomark)
  5. MARIBOU STATE Kingdoms in Color Remixed (Counter)
  6. BONOBO Fabric Presents Bonobo (Fabric)
  7. LYDIA AINSWORTH* Phantom Forest (Self-Released)
  8. KHOTIN Beautiful You (reissue) (Ghostly International)
  9. ROBOTAKI* Anachronism (Foreign Family Collective)
  10. TR/ST* The Destroyer – Part 1 (Royal Mountain)

Hip Hop

  1. HAVIAH MIGHTY* 13th Floor (Self-Released)
  2. SUM-01* The Comeback Queen EP (Self-Released)
  3. KIMMORTAL* X Marks The Swirl (Coax)
  4. FLYING LOTUS Flamagra (Warp)
  5. SNOTTY NOSE REZ KIDS* Trapline (Minay Music)
  6. EEKWOL & T-RHYME* For Women By Women (Self-Released)
  7. MATHEMATIK* ReAL/iS-HiM (Urbnet)
  8. DEAD OBIES* Dead (Bonsound)
  9. LITTLE SIMZ Grey Area (AGE 101)
  10. MOKA ONLY* Patina (Urbnet)


  1. COMBO CHIMBITA Ahomale (Anti-)
  2. BLACK ROOTS With Friends (reissue) (Nubian Records)
  3. ORKESTAR KRIMINAL* Ryobra (Coax)
  4. NATTY JEAN Imagine (Baco)
  5. WESLI Rapadou Kreyol (Wes-Urban)
  6. MALOU BEAUVOIR Spiritwalker (Panthera)
  7. ANGELIQUE KIDJO Celia (Verve)
  8. KOFFEE Rapture (Columbia)
  9. ALTIN GÜN Gece (ATO / Glitterbeat)
  10. MUITO KABALLA Everything Is Broke (Switchstance)

Jazz & Experimental

  1. TRIO ANTIPODES* Upside Downwards (Self-Released)
  2. MATT MITCHELL Phalanx Ambassadors (Pi)
  3. ART ENSEMBLE OF CHICAGO We Are On The Edge (Pi)
  4. THOMPSON EGBO-EGBO* The Offering (eOne Music (E1))
  5. ACID BUNNY* High School Fantasy (Bent River)
  6. KAISER/PIROG/SIPE/SILVERMAN/WEST Five Times Surprise (Cuneiform)
  7. VARIOUS* MusicWorks #133 (MusicWorks Magazine)
  8. DAMON LOCKS BLACK MONUMENT ENSEMBLE Where Future Unfolds (International Anthem)
  9. ANNA WEBBER Clockwise (Pi)
  10. DUSTIN LAURENZI Snaketime: The Music of Moondog (Feeding Tube/Astral Spirits)


  1. DUMB* Club Nites (Mint)
  2. LUNGBUTTER* Honey (Constellation)
  3. SUNN O))) Life Metal (Southern Lord)
  4. DREADNOUGHT Emergence (Profound Lore)
  5. FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE Veleno (Nuclear Blast)
  6. THE SHIVERETTES* Real Shrill Bitches (Self-Released)
  7. GYM TONIC Good Job (Transistor 66)
  8. ASEETHE Throes (Thrill Jockey)
  9. AMYL AND THE SNIFFERS Amyl and the Sniffers (ATO)
  10. BRUTUS Nest (Sargent House)


  1. BILL CALLAHAN Shepherd in a Sheepskin Vest (Drag City)
  2. AMY NELSON (AB)* Educated Woman (Self-Released)
  3. JAMES GORDON* The Heritage Hall Sessions (Borealis)
  4. DANIEL NORGREN Wooh Dang (Superpuma)
  5. MATT ANDERSEN Halfway Home By Morning (True North)
  6. BIG DADDY WILSON Deep In My Soul (Ruf)
  7. DERVISH The Great Irish Songbook (Rounder)
  8. B.B. KING BLUES BAND The Soul of the King (Ruf)
  9. LEAF RAPIDS* Citizen Alien (Coax)
  10. SAME LATITUDE AS ROME* Stay the Course (Self-Released)