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TOP 30

  1. LEE PARADISE* & Co (Telephone Explosion)  album cover is an abstract design that appears to show pink cutouts of the sky on top of green grass
  2. TRANSSTAR* I, Bitch (Park Music)
  3. STATUS/NON-STATUS* Surely Travel (You’ve Changed)
  4. LOSCIL // LAWRENCE ENGLISH* Colours of Air (Kranky)
  5. SHEBAD* show us it’s real (Self-Released)
  6. DOCTOR MOTHER FATHER* Feelin’ Fine (Monopolized)
  7. ROOMS* Don’t Be Yourself (No Sun)
  8. BLACK BELT EAGLE SCOUT The Land, The Water, The Sky (Saddle Creek)
  9. GUM.MP3 Riddim Seeker (Ghostly International)
  10. MORMOR* Semblance (Don’t Guess)
  11. YESSICA WOAHNEIL* lo fi love (Self-Released)
  12. 5TH PROJEKT* The Wolf (Organik)
  13. ANDY SHAUF Norm (Anti-)
  15. QATTUU* Midnight Sun (Hitmakerz)
  16. THE FOREIGN FILMS* Magic Shadows (Self-Released)
  17. BONNIE TRASH* Hail, Hale! (Hand Drawn Dracula)
  18. THE BACKSTEPS* Six To Midnight EP (Self-Released)
  19. ERI YAMAMOTO TRIO A Woman With A Purple Wig (Mahakala)
  20. ALHAJI WAZIRI OSHOMAH Waziri (Luaka Bop)
  21. L CON* SOUNDMILL improvisations (Halocline Trance)
  22. DAWN SEV* TART (Self-Released)
  23. SUNNY WAR Anarchist Gospel (New West)
  24. HALF GRINGA Ancestral Home (Self-Released)
  25. JONAH YANO* portrait of a dog (Innovative Leisure)
  26. NOAH23* Ikosi Tria (Plague Language)
  27. CRACK CLOUD* Tough Baby (Self-Released)
  28. KELELA RAVEN (Warp)
  29. BRIA* Cuntry Covers Vol. 2 (Sub Pop)
  30. BEGONIA* Powder Blue (Birthday Cake)




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