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TOP 30

  1. APPLES* About the Future (Self-Released) 
  2. OMBIIGIZI* Sewn Back Together (Arts & Crafts)
  3. CATE LE BON Pompeii (Mexican Summer)
  4. JEAN-MICHEL BLAIS* aubades (Arts & Crafts)
  5. KHÖÖMEI BEAT Changys Baglaash (Arc)
  6. BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME Colors II (Sumerian)
  7. 5TH PROJEKT* The Labyrinth EP (Organik)
  8. BEVERLY GLENN-COPELAND* Keyboard Fantasies Reimagined (Transgressive)
  9. MAYLEE TODD* Maloo (Stones Throw)
  10. TANYA TAGAQ* Tongues (Six Shooter)
  11. ELLE BARBARA’S BLACK SPACE* Délice Créole / Peach Purée (Celluloid Lunch)
  12. GHOSTLY KISSES* Heaven, Wait (Coyote / Akira)
  13. MITSKI Laurel Hell (Dead Oceans)
  14. MATT SELLICK* Uprooted (Self-Released)
  15. BEN LAMAR GAY Open Arms to Open us (International Anthem)
  16. ANIMAL COLLECTIVE Time Skiffs (Domino)
  17. EAMON MCGRATH* Bells of Hope (Saved By Vinyl)
  18. BONOBO Fragments (Ninja Tune)
  19. NILOTIKA CULTURAL ENSEMBLE Nyabingi Resurrection (Switchstance)
  20. THE PINE HEARTS Lost Love Songs (Self-Released)
  21. VARIOUS Ocean Child: Songs of Yoko Ono (Canvasback/Atlantic)
  22. DRUMMACHINEMIKE* Precognition (Self-Released)
  23. ALANNA GURR* Life of the Party (Missed Connection)
  24. SHAMIR Heterosexuality (AntiFragile)
  25. SAM WEBER* Get Free (Sonic Unyon)
  26. CARN DAVIDSON 9* The History of Us (Three Pines)
  27. HAVIAH MIGHTY* Stock Exchange (Mighty Gang Inc.)
  28. PRETTY ARCHIE* Pretty Archie (Curve Music)
  29. BEACH HOUSE Once Twice Melody (Sub Pop)