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TOP 30

  1. JOHN SOUTHWORTH* Miracle In The Night (Tin Angel) 
  2. BLEU NUIT* Le jardin des memoires (Michel)
  3. JAMES GORDON* The Heritage Hall Sessions (Borealis)
  4. BADGE ÉPOQUE ENSEMBLE * Badge Époque Ensemble  (Telephone Explosion)
  5. CATE LE BON Reward (Mexican Summer)
  6. TRIO ANTIPODES* Upside Downwards (Self-Released)
  7. MAC DEMARCO* Here Comes the Cowboy (Self-Released)
  8. OWEN WATT* Fireflies (Self-Released)
  9. KEVIN MORBY Oh My God (Dead Oceans)
  10. ABIGAIL LAPELL* Getaway (Coax)
  11. BIBIO Ribbons (Warp)
  12. MUNYA* Munya (Luminelle)
  13. ANGELIQUE KIDJO Celia (Verve)
  14. LAPS* Soon Not Often In It (Terrific Kids)
  15. ALTIN GÜN Gece (ATO / Glitterbeat)
  16. THE MOUNTAIN GOATS In League With Dragons (Merge)
  17. ANNA WEBBER Clockwise (Pi)
  18. YVES JARVIS* The Same But By Different Means (Flemish Eye)
  19. BROKEN SOCIAL SCENE* Let’s Try The After Vol 1 & 2 (Arts & Crafts)
  20. GILLIAN NICOLA* Dried Flowers (Self-Released)
  21. DON VAIL* Stand of Tide (Self-Released)
  22. THE COMET IS COMING Trust In The Lifeforce Of The Deep Mystery (Impulse!)
  23. BART* Today, Tomorrow, & the Next Day (Idee Fixe)
  24. LYDIA PERSAUD* Let Me Show You (Next Door)
  25. DANIEL NORGREN Wooh Dang (Superpuma)
  26. FAT WHITE FAMILY Serfs Up! (Domino)
  27. LEE FIELDS & THE EXPRESSIONS It Rains Love (Big Crown)
  28. THE CASH BOX KINGS Hail To The Kings! (Alligator)
  29. LYDIA AINSWORTH* Phantom Forest (Self-Released)
  30. KING GIZZARD & THE LIZARD WIZARD Fishing for Fishies (Flightless)


  1. BIBIO Ribbons (Warp)
  2. LYDIA AINSWORTH* Phantom Forest (Self-Released)
  3. STOIK* Pareidolia (Self-Released)
  4. AMON TOBIN Fear In A Handful Of Dust (Nomark)
  5. JAYDA G* Significant Changes (Ninja Tune)
  6. SAXSYNDRUM* Second Nature (so sorry records)
  7. QASIM NAQVI Teenages (Erased Tapes)
  8. DOOMSQUAD* Let Yourself Be Seen (Royal Mountain)
  9. KHOTIN Beautiful You (reissue) (Ghostly International)
  10. KÁRYYN The Quanta Series (Mute)

Hip Hop

  1. MOKA ONLY* Patina (Urbnet)
  2. TARIK ROBINSON* Union Latinoamericana (Beat Tape) (Makebelieve)
  3. AQUASOCKS* Holos (Black Buffalo)
  4. ELAQUENT* Blessing In Disguise (Mello Music Group)
  5. MASTA ACE AND MARCO POLO A Breukelen Story (Fat Beats)
  6. LITTLE SIMZ Grey Area (AGE 101)
  7. LEE REED* Before & Aftermath (Strange Famous)
  8. CLAIRMONT THE SECOND* Do You Drive (Self-Released)
  9. MATHEMATIK* ReAL/iS-HiM (Urbnet)
  10. J-E-T-S ZOOSPA (Innovative Leisure)


  1. ANGELIQUE KIDJO Celia (Verve)
  2. ALTIN GÜN Gece (ATO / Glitterbeat)
  3. MAURICE LOUCA Elephantine (Northern Spy)
  4. COMBO CHIMBITA Ahomale (Anti-)
  5. BLACK ROOTS With Friends (reissue) (Nubian Records)
  6. GRUPO FANTASMA American Music: Vol. VII (Blue Corn)
  7. YOUSSOU N’DOUR History (Naive)
  8. LOS REVOLUCIONARIOS Los Revolucionarios (Vampisoul)
  9. OLCAY BAYIR Ruya: Dream for Anatolla (ARC Music)
  10. AHMED MUKHTAR Visions Of Iraq (ARC Music)

Jazz & Experimental

  1. TRIO ANTIPODES* Upside Downwards (Self-Released)
  2. ANNA WEBBER Clockwise (Pi)
  3. THE COMET IS COMING Trust In The Lifeforce Of The Deep Mystery (Impulse!)
  4. THE COSMIC RANGE* The Gratitude Principle (Idee Fixe)
  5. DAVID S. WARE The Balance (Vision Festival XV+) (AUM Fidelity)
  6. ART ENSEMBLE OF CHICAGO We Are On The Edge (Pi)
  7. CHRIS DADGE* Close Enough For Comfort (Self-Released)
  8. MAURICE LOUCA Elephantine (Northern Spy)
  10. DANIELLE PALARDY ROGER* Cannibale (Ambiances Magnetiques)


  1. JAMES GORDON* The Heritage Hall Sessions (Borealis)
  2. OWEN WATT* Fireflies (Self-Released)
  3. ABIGAIL LAPELL* Getaway (Coax)
  4. GILLIAN NICOLA* Dried Flowers (Self-Released)
  5. DANIEL NORGREN Wooh Dang (Superpuma)
  6. THE CASH BOX KINGS Hail To The Kings! (Alligator)
  7. AMY NELSON (AB)* Educated Woman (Self-Released)
  8. BIG DADDY WILSON Deep In My Soul (Ruf)
  9. ENDRICK & THE SANDWICHES* Endrick & the Sandwiches (Self-Released)
  10. AMANDA RHEAUME* The Skin I’m In (Self-Released)