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TOP 30

  1. COURTYARD* Courtyard (Goofball Wranglers)  image is a collage of photographs showing clouds, foliage, trees, an office building
  2. CAMÉRA* Caméra (Self-Released)
  3. ALEX HENRY FOSTER* Kimiyo (Hopeful Tragedy)
  4. WINE LIPS* Super Mega Ultra (Stomp)
  5. ELLIS* No Place That Feels Like (Self-Released)
  6. CHASTITY BELT Life Laugh Love (Suicide Squeeze)
  7. PUKKA ORCHESTRA* Chaos Is Come Again (Pacemaker)
  8. NICOLETTE & THE NOBODIES* The Long Way (ArtHaus)
  9. POTATOHEAD PEOPLE* Eat Your Heart Out (Bastard Jazz)
  10. LEMON BUCKET ORKESTRA* Cuckoo (Self-Released)
  11. THUNDER QUEENS* Strike One (Victory Pool)
  12. ALAMODALITY* County (Self-Released)
  13. HOVVDY* Hovvdy (Arts & Crafts)
  14. DEHD Poetry (Fat Possum)
  15. JAMES GORDON* Wrinkles and Scars (Pipe Street)
  16. CADENCE WEAPON* Rollercoaster (MNRK)
  17. METZ* Up On Gravity Hill (Dine Alone)
  18. WHITE RABBIT* Zzz / Just a Little Bit (Self-Released)
  19. JANE PENNY* Surfacing (Luminelle)
  20. CINDY LEE* Diamond Jubilee (Realistik Studios)
  21. IRON AND WINE Light Verse (Sub Pop)
  22. ALANA YORKE* Destroyer (Paper Bag)
  23. JON MCKIEL* Hex (You’ve Changed)
  24. TARA KANNANGARA* Extraordinary People (Self-Released)
  25. JEFF BIRD* Cottage Bell Peace Now (Self-Released)
  26. YAYA BEY Ten Fold (Big Dada)
  27. BAD RIVER* Modern Laundry (Self-Released)
  28. CEU Novela (Urban Jungle)
  29. CHANEL BEADS Your Day Will Come (Jagjaguwar)
  30. TUJIKO NORIKO From Tokyo To Naiagara (Keplar)




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