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TOP 30

  1. CADENCE WEAPON* Rollercoaster (MNRK Music)  image is an inverted photograph showing a man standing in the clearing of a forest
  2. CORRIDOR* Mimi (Bonsound)
  3. CINDY LEE* Diamond Jubilee (Realistik Studios)
  4. ISKWE* nina (Littlebit)
  5. JAMES GORDON* Wrinkles and Scars (Realistik Studios)
  6. MOON KING* Roses [EP] (Arbutus)
  7. METZ* Up On Gravity Hill (Dine Alone)
  8. ELAQUENT* Rediscovery (Mello Music Group)
  9. DANIEL ROMANO’S OUTFIT* Too Hot to Sleep (You’ve Changed)
  10. NICOLETTE & THE NOBODIES* The Long Way (ArtHaus)
  11. BLUE FREEZIE* Cold & Blue All Over (Demo) (Self-Released)
  12. CHARLES LLOYD The Sky Will Still Be There Tomorrow (Blue Note)
  14. ROYAL CASTLES* Singles Night (Self-Released)
  15. CEU Novela (Urban Jungle)
  16. DEVON WELSH* Come With Me If You Want To Live (You Are Accepted)
  17. HUA LI* ripe fruit falls but not in your mouth (Next Door)
  18. SUNGLACIERS* Regular Nature (Mothland)
  19. CHELSEA WOLFE She Reaches Out To She Reaches Out To She (Concord/Loma Vista)
  20. BABY ROSE Slow Burn EP (Secretly Canadian)
  21. BRY WEBB* Run With Me (Idée Fixe)
  22. LA DAME BLANCHE Atomica (Nacional)
  23. AVI C. ENGEL* Too Many Souls (Elephant Shrew)
  24. JUSTICE Hyperdrama (Because Music)
  25. KUMUBU* Double Dutch Duality EP (Self-Released)
  26. CELL PRESS* Cages (No List)
  27. CHASTITY BELT Life Laugh Love (Suicide Squeeze)
  28. GUSTAF Package Pt.2 (Royal Mountain)
  29. HOVVDY* Hovvdy (Arts & Crafts)
  30. AFTERWALD* Afterwald (Self-Released)




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