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TOP 30

  1. JESSICA MOSS* Phosphenes (Constellation) 
  2. THEON CROSS Intra-I (Marathon Artists)
  3. ADA LEA* one hand on the steering wheel the other sewing a garden (Next Door)
  4. SEULEMENT* EX PO (Mothland)
  5. COTS* Disturbing Body (Boiled)
  6. JULIE DOIRON* I Thought of You (You’ve Changed)
  7. CHARLOTTE CORNFIELD* Highs in the Minuses (Next Door)
  8. GAYANCE* No Toning Down – EP (Self-Released)
  9. BADBADNOTGOOD* Talk Memory (XL Recordings)
  10. ASHLEY SHADOW* Only The End (Felte)
  11. ETERNIA & REL MCCOY* Free (Fat Beats)
  12. SARAH DAVACHI* Antiphonals (Late Music)
  13. ALANNA GURR* Life of the Party (Missed Connection)
  14. HAVIAH MIGHTY* Stock Exchange (Mighty Gang Inc.)
  15. LANGUAGE ARTS* Lemon//Lime (Self-Released)
  16. SAID THE WHALE* Dandelion (Everything Forever)
  17. GEORDIE GORDON* The Tower (Victory Pool)
  18. CEDRIC NOEL* Hang Time (Forward Music Group / Joyful Noise)
  19. KILLS BIRDS* Married (Royal Mountain)
  20. THE CELTIC KITCHEN PARTY* Last Call (Self-Released)
  21. AKOYI* 12710 (Self-Released)
  22. ROYAL CASTLES* Just the Hits (Self-Released)
  23. SHAD* TAO (Secret City)
  24. CIVIC TV* Black Moon (Flemish Eye)
  25. SNOTTY NOSE REZ KIDS* Life After (Distorted Muse)
  26. JOE NOLAN* Scrapper (Fallen Tree Records)
  27. LE REN* Leftovers (Royal Mountain / Secretly Canadian)
  28. THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS Book (Idlewild)
  29. NILOTIKA CULTURAL ENSEMBLE Nyabingi Resurrection (Switchstance)
  30. MONTREAL JAZZ TRIO* Montreal Jazz Trio (Odd Sound)