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TOP 30

  1. ELISAPIE* Inuktitut (Bonsound)  album cover shows a portrait of the artist with braided hair and with several bubble-like shapes in front of their face
  2. APOLLO SUNS* Departures (Do Right!)
  3. THE BATTLE OF SANTIAGO* Los Santos y Pecadores (Unfit)
  4. DEVENDRA BANHART Flying Wig (Mexican Summer)
  5. ALLISON RUSSELL* The Returner (Fantasy / Concord)
  6. RITESH DAS* To Begin With (Self-Released)
  7. HEY MAJOR* Down The Ride (Indica)
  8. BLUNDERSPUBLIK* Remembering Marnie OST (Self-Released)
  9. ATLANTIS JAZZ ENSEMBLE* Celestial Suite (Marlow)
  10. ORSON WILDS* This Burning House (We All Fell Asleep In) (Take This To Heart)
  11. DAVID FRANCEY* The Breath Between (Laker)
  12. TORO Y MOI Sandhills (Dead Oceans)
  13. GOLDSCHATZ* Twin Flame (Vissen)
  14. DENGUE FEVER Ting Mung (Tuk Tuk)
  15. HOTEL MIRA* I Am Not Myself (Light Organ)
  16. A CERTAIN RATIO 2023 EP (Mute)
  17. CASSIE NOBLE* Nowhere to Go but Everywhere (Self-Released)
  18. TRISKELYON* Artificial Insanity (Moribound)
  19. DOMINIQUE FILS-AIMÉ Our Roots Run Deep (Ensoul)
  20. BOMBINO Sahel (Partisan)
  21. GROS SOLEIL* 2038 (Indica)
  22. FREAK HEAT WAVES* Mondo Tempo (Mood Hut)
  23. CHAI CHAI (Sub Pop)
  24. UH HUH & LAMMPING* In My Mind (Telephone Explosion)
  25. WILL BUTLER + SISTER SQUARES* Will Butler + Sister Squares (Merge)
  26. LA FORCE* XO SKELETON (Secret City Records)
  27. DANGER MOUSE & JEMINI Born Again (Lex Records)
  28. DANKO JONES* Electric Sounds (Sonic Unyon)
  29. ARCTISTIC* Anirniq (Self-Released)
  30. THE HIDDEN ORCHESTRA To Dream is To Forget (Lone Figures)




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