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TOP 30

  1. SING LEAF* Not Earth (Tin Angel) 
  2. ANNA VON HAUSSWOLFF All Thoughts Fly (Southern Lord)
  3. EIYN SOF* Abracadabra (Self-Released)
  4. DIONE TAYLOR* Spirits In The Water (Matay)
  5. ES X PANDAMONIUM* The Connected EP (Self-Released)
  6. GLUTENHEAD* Glutenhead (Self-Released)
  7. MIKE PLUME BAND* Lonesome Stretch Of Highway (Royalty)
  8. BEVERLY GLENN-COPELAND* Transmissions: The Music of Beverly Glenn-Copeland (Transgressive)
  9. GORD DOWNIE* Away Is Mine (Arts & Crafts)
  10. DIZZY* The Sun and Her Scorch (Royal Mountain)
  11. IDLES Ultra Mono (Partisan)
  12. AMC GREMLIN* Melonville (Self-Released)
  13. THE OBGMS* The Ends (Black Box)
  14. TERRA LIGHTFOOT* Consider the Speed (Sonic Unyon)
  15. LA DAME BLANCHE Ella (Nacional)
  16. BLUE HAWAII* Under 1 House (Arbutus)
  17. SATELLITE AND THE HARPOONIST* Satellite Man (Tonic)
  18. CHARLOTTE BROUSSEAU* Boucles (Pantoum)
  19. CARMANAH* Iris (Self-Released)
  20. PEKOE CAT* Menace (Light Organ)
  21. METZ* Atlas Vending (Sub Pop)
  22. JONATHAN PERSONNE* Disparitions (Michel)
  23. GULFER* Gulfer (Royal Mountain)
  24. SUFJAN STEVENS The Ascension (Asthmatic Kitty)
  25. MI’ENS* Future Child (Kill Rock Stars)
  26. KID ABSTRAKT & EMAPEA Jazzy Vibes (Raw Rhythm)
  27. DEATH VALLEY GIRLS Under The Spell Of Joy (Suicide Squeeze)
  28. MARMALADE DUPLEX* Play The Tuna Olive Village (Corduroy Palace)
  29. DUVAL TIMOTHY Brown Loop (Carrying Colour)
  30. YVES JARVIS* Sundry Rock Song Stock (Flemish Eye)