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TOP 30

  1. JAMES GORDON* When I Stayed Home (Self-Released) 
  2. HOMESHAKE* Under The Weather (SHHOAMKEE / Sinderlyn)
  3. YESSICA WOAHNEIL* loving the sky (Self-Released)
  4. ALEX LEFAIVRE QUARTET* Naufragés (Self-Released)
  5. CHET FAKER* Whatever Tomorrow (Self-Released)
  6. PIERS OOLVAI* The Vigil Sequences (Self-Released)
  7. THE HALLUCI NATION* One More Saturday Night (Radicalized)
  8. CHARLES SPEARIN* My City Of Starlings (Arts & Crafts)
  9. COTS* Disturbing Body (Boiled)
  10. CARTEL MADRAS* The Serpent And The Tiger (Sub Pop)
  11. DANIEL ROMANO* Cobra Poems (You’ve Changed)
  12. ALBUM* Album (Telephone Explosion)
  13. WILLIE DUNN* Creation Never Sleeps, Creation Never Dies: The Willie Dunn Anthology (Light In The Attic)
  14. COEUR DE PIRATE* Perséides (Self-Released)
  15. GREG SMITH SOUNDS* Three of the same guitar (Self-Released)
  16. ANDREA VON KAMPEN That Spell (Fantasy / Concord)
  17. JUSTIN RUTLEDGE* ISLANDS (Outside in Music)
  18. LIARS The Apple Drop (Mute)
  19. DUSTED* III (Self-Released)
  20. MOURAINE* Bigger Dreams EP (Birthday Cake)
  21. NALA SINEPHRO Space 1.8 (Warp)
  22. VARIOUS The Sled Island Rock Lotto (Sled Island)
  23. GEORDIE GORDON* The Tower (Victory Pool)
  24. BIG RED MACHINE How Long Do You Think It’s Gonna Last? (Jagjaguwar)
  25. KRISTEN STOKL* Go Alone (Self-Released)
  26. EYEDRESS Mulholland Drive (Lex)
  27. PARAGON CAUSE* Autopilot (Self-Released)
  28. FLEECE* Stunning & Atrocious (Self-Released)
  29. 26 BATS Portal Party (Kremblems)
  30. BREEZE* Only Up (Hand Drawn Dracula)