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TOP 30

  1. HANNAH GEORGAS* I’d Be Lying If I Said I Didn’t Care (Real Kind/Arts & Crafts)  image is a photograph of the artist seated in front of a window of a home recording studio surrounded by instruments and equipment. The artist is bending at the waist, looking down as they reach for something unseen on the floor
  2. FREAK HEAT WAVES* Mondo Tempo (Mood Hut)
  3. JULIA CUNNINGHAM* Dive Deep EP (Self-Released)
  4. ISLANDS* And That’s Why Dolphins Lost Their Legs (ELF)
  5. APHEX TWIN Blackbox Life Recorder 21f / in a room7 F760 (Warp)
  6. BAMBII* INFINITY CLUB (Innovative Leisure)
  7. DIZZY* Dizzy (Royal Mountain)
  8. RAE SPOON* Not Dead Yet (Coax)
  9. REC CENTRE* Maxed Out! (Self-Released)
  10. SARGEANT X COMRADE* Lo Fi Future (Mo Gravy)
  11. BUILDINGS AND FOOD* Infinity Plus One (Self-Released)
  12. JUNGLE Volcano (Caiola)
  13. HAREHOUND* Harehound (Self-Released)
  14. BOBBY BAZINI* Pearl (Self-Released)
  15. TORO Y MOI Sandhills (Dead Oceans)
  16. LOWHEAVEN* collapse (Skeletal Lightning)
  17. JESSY LANZA* Love Hallucination (Hyperdub)
  18. THE HIVES The Death of Randy Fitzsimmons (Disques Hives)
  19. BEAMS* The Spark In Your Eye (Self-Released)
  20. DAVID FRANCEY* The Breath Between (Laker)
  21. TURNSTILE & BADBADNOTGOOD* New Heart Designs EP (Roadrunner)
  22. GUIZA* The Answer (Self-Released)
  23. SULTANS OF STRING* Walking Through The Fire (Self-Released)
  25. BEVERLY GLENN-COPELAND* The Ones Ahead (Transgressive)
  26. FRAN LOBO Burning It Feels Like (Heavenly)
  27. BASEMENT VAPES* Kuts (Self-Released)
  28. KITBA Kitba (Ruination)
  29. SLOWDIVE everything is alive (Dead Oceans)
  30. TRIIO* Magnetic Dreaming (Elastic)




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