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TOP 30

  1. DIZZY* The Sun and Her Scorch (Royal Mountain) 
  2. FREAK HEAT WAVES* Zap The Planet (Telephone Explosion)
  3. LUGE* Luge (Self-Released)
  4. LES DEUXLUXES* Lighter Fluid (Bonsound)
  5. KATHLEEN EDWARDS* Total Freedom (Dualtone)
  6. RICH BURNETT* The Fog (Self-Released)
  7. WAAHLI* Soap Opera (Nomadic Massive Productions)
  8. EIYN SOF* Abracadabra (Self-Released)
  9. HANNAH GEORGAS* All That Emotion (Arts & Crafts)
  10. EVENING HYMNS* Heavy Nights (Shuffling Feet)
  11. MOSCOW APARTMENT* Better Daughter (Hidden Pony)
  12. LAND OF TALK* Indistinct Conversations (Dine Alone)
  13. DOG DAY* Present (Fundog)
  14. DYLARAMA* Parle-moi de ca (Lisbon Lux)
  15. LOMELDA Hannah (Double Double Whammy)
  16. SAM PREKOP Comma (Thrill Jockey)
  17. INNES WILSON* Deference (Life Makes Life Suck)
  18. THE JERRY CANS* Echos (Aakuluk)
  19. HOLY FUCK* Deleter (Last Gang)
  20. IAN MCGIMPSEY & HARRISON ARGATOFF* Ontario 559 West (Self-Released)
  21. SUM-01* Makin’ Moves (Black Buffalo)
  22. 100 MILE HOUSE* Love And Leave You (Fallen Tree Records)
  23. BUILDINGS AND FOOD* Up Down Strange Charm (Self-Released)
  24. NUBYA GARCIA Source (Concord)
  25. MESTIZO BEAT Canoga Madness (California Soul)
  26. THANYA IYER* KIND (Topshelf Records)
  27. CRACK CLOUD* Pain Olympics (Self-Released)
  28. DERADOORIAN Find the Sun (Anti-)
  29. LE COULEUR* Concorde (Lisbon Lux)
  30. PETER BRODERICK Blackberry (Erased Tapes)