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TOP 30

  1. THE GERTRUDES* Just to Please You (Outside Music)  image is of the drawn outline of two people holding hands, their bodies covered in a nature motif
  2. GEOFF BERNER* Seven Plague Songs (Coax)
  3. GUIZA* The Answer (Self-Released)
  4. PIERS OOLVAI* Solace Shards (Self-Released)
  5. WARM SMILES* Heavy Poocah (Self-Released)
  6. THE HELLO DARLINS* In The Sundust EP (Self-Released)
  7. HAVIAH MIGHTY* Crying Crystals (Mighty Gang Inc.)
  8. NOBLE OAK* When It Finds You (Last Gang)
  9. ANDRINA TURENNE* Bold As Logs (Self-Released)
  10. PANTAYO* Ang Pagdaloy (Telephone Explosion)
  11. MOTHER TONGUES* Love In A Vicious Way (Wavy Haze)
  12. BASEMENT VAPES* Kuts (Self-Released)
  13. BELLS LARSEN* If I Was, I Am EP (Next Door)
  14. TABI YOSHA* True Colors (Bonsound)
  15. RAE SPOON* Not Dead Yet (Coax)
  16. HANNAH GEORGAS* I’d Be Lying If I Said I Didn?t Care (Real Kind/Arts & Crafts)
  17. LOWHEAVEN* collapse (Skeletal Lightning)
  18. BELLBIRD* Root In Tandem (Self-Released)
  19. DIZZY* Dizzy (Royal Mountain)
  20. SHAMIR Homo Anxietatem (Kill Rock Stars)
  21. FIONN* I Might Start Smoking (604)
  22. WILLIAM PRINCE* Stand in the Joy (Six Shooter)
  23. ALEKSI CAMPAGNE* For the Giving/Sans Rien Donner (Self-Released)
  24. SLOW LEAVES* Meantime (Birthday Cake)
  25. VERA ELLEN Ideal Home Noise (Flying Nun)
  26. JAYDA G* Guy (Pirates Blend / Ninja Tune)
  27. TORO Y MOI Sandhills (Dead Oceans)
  28. BEVERLY GLENN-COPELAND* The Ones Ahead (Transgressive)
  29. FOG BLUES & BRASS BAND* 12 Bar Prescription (Self-Released)
  30. RITMO MACHINE Experience (Nacional)




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