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From the sound curators behind The Stillness and the Dancing and Aural Tethers, we’re happy to present a special block of programming in honour and celebration of DRONE DAY! Weird Canada has officially decreed that May 27th 2017 will be a day set aside from our common concepts of melody and rhythm. Abandon all pre-conceived notions and plummet into the slow stretch of sounds surrounding the concept of drone. We’ll be highlighting some drone selections from international and historical schools of drone and also featuring a handful of in-studio performances. We’ll be welcoming Modo Koagon, Guelph resident and collector of skittish rhythms and found sounds, all collaged together to make something strange and beautiful. Also joining us will be blunderspublik, a CFRU programmer himself, and maker of strange and delightful electronic pop wizardry. He’ll be donning his drone cap and exploring space and sound in a fresh creative collision. We’ll also feature some explorations from Aural Tethers’ host Hymns57 with his combination of haunting bowed guitar sounds and cascading reverberations from field recordings and oblique mixing magics. Lastly we might catch some nervous dabs at sonic articulation from the Stillness and the Dancing’s own host Joel Cuthbert. Armed with a bunch of budget noisemakers and the right digital haze, who knows to what cascading valley we’ll descend or what sunrise we might glimpse from the top of that peak.

You’re welcome to tune in from 6-9 PM Saturday May 27th for this special CFRU Drone Day programming. Feel free to call into the studio and make some drone requests. See you in the hum!