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In accordance with a Canada Summer Jobs grant towards hiring registered and continuing students, CFRU 93.3 FM at the University of Guelph is seeking an Aboriginal Outreach Coordinator. CFRU is a volunteer-driven campus and community radio station, committed to broadcasting high quality, innovative, and entertaining music and spoken word programming, which serves as a distinct alternative to other available radio services.

Nature and scope: 

The Aboriginal Outreach Coordinator’s (AOC) main responsibility is to foster an Aboriginal presence at CFRU. This would entail recruiting Aboriginal individuals to volunteer at the station, as well as promoting CFRU within the Aboriginal community in Guelph.

The AOC would work alongside the Marketing & Outreach Director to develop an outreach package to present to Aboriginal organizations, listing all of the resources that CFRU provides in the hopes that these organizations will allow CFRU to have a presence at, and help promote, their events and initiatives. The AOC will develop a marketing strategy alongside the

Marketing & Outreach Director to reach Aboriginal individuals of all ages within the Guelph community to get involved at CFRU.

The AOC will also work alongside the Programming Director to launch an Aboriginal program on CFRU, highlighting Aboriginal news and issues both locally and nationally, on CFRU. The AOC would be the coordinator of this program, but will ideally develop a collective to work with once they have recruited new volunteers.


The Aboriginal Outreach Coordinator will begin by receiving all the required CFRU trainings, including Orientation, Programming & Policy, and On-Air Trainings. This will inform them of CFRU’s regulations, as well as the regulations of our regulatory body, the CRTC, and will also teach them the technical skills required to produce a radio show.

The AOC will work most closely with the Marketing & Outreach Director, who will check in with them every day to give them new tasks once their previous tasks have been completed. The Marketing & Outreach Director will also be there to answer any questions they may have.

Once the AOC launches their radio show, they will also be working closely with the Programming Director, who oversees all the radio shows on the schedule. The Programming Director will work with the AOC to ensure that they are ready to launch their radio show, and once the program is on the air the Programming Director will monitor it to ensure that it is meeting all the requirements. The Programming Director will also offer suggestions for improvement where applicable.

CFRU staff have a weekly staff meeting that is attended by all staff and any summer students/co-op students. This is an opportunity for the AOC to meet with the rest of the staff, to raise any general questions that they may have, and to discuss their work within the larger context of what’s happening at CFRU. Being a small workplace with only 6 staff members, the AOC will always have others close by to supervise them and offer guidance.

Assets and Qualifications:

• An Aboriginal heritage
• Experience working/volunteering for not-for-profits
• Familiarity with campus/community radio
• Knowledge of Aboriginal-related organizations in the Guelph/Wellington area

Desired Level of Education of the Student: 

CFRU Radio is an employment equity employer. All qualified candidates are welcome. Preferences will be given to and applications are encouraged from all equity-seeking individuals including people of color, Indigenous peoples, people living with disabilities, women, working class people, queer and/or trans people (an umbrella term recognizing many identities outside of the gender binary, including but not limited to: transgender, transsexual, Two-Spirited, genderqueer, gender-fluid, etc.) 

This is a 30 hours/week position for an eight week term beginning June 23 and ending August 18, 2017 and the wage is $12.75 per hour. Only full-time students between 15 and 30 years old with Canadian citizenship and registered to attend school currently or in the upcoming academic year will be considered for this position. This is not a unionized position.

To apply, please send your CV, and cover letter, to by Monday June 19, 2017 at 12:00 PM with “2017 CFRU Aboriginal Outreach Coordinator Position” in the subject line.

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