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The CFRU Mini Interview Project


Welcome to the Mini Interview Project! This is a new initiative for the Covid-19 era aimed at helping folks connect and bring a variety of new voices and perspectives to our airwaves during this unusual time.


Anyone who identifies as a Guelph community member, whether physically living here, attending school, or working here from afar, can choose a guest to interview, record a conversation, and submit a short interview to air on our airwaves throughout our broadcast week. Interviews can be recorded over Zoom, Skype, or other recording programs and sent in with the names of any speakers included.


It’s that simple!


You can submit one or more interviews. You can pick your guest, and speak to them on any topic. Your guest could be absolutely anyone, as long as they are made aware they will be broadcast on CFRU. Here are a few ideas to consider:


A friend or family member you haven’t seen since the pandemic began
Your next door neighbour
A person running a local business that interests you
A musician you know
Your favourite professor


No previous recording or interviewing experience is required. We can offer guidance and support to ease any nervousness, and help with any technical needs you might have. We’re happy to offer basic interview tips and best practices. Additional support for editing may be available, if needed.


To Submit A Recorded Interview:
Upload your finished recordings as mp3 files HERE

Any length will be accepted, though 1-10 minutes is ideal. If you have a longer interview for consideration, please contact Jenny at and we can look at options for airing the interview. Please specify if the recording is “ready to air”, or if you need assistance with further editing. If not specified, we will assume what we receive is ready-to-air.


CFRU will review all submissions to ensure no problematic language or content goes to air, but please consider that people of all ages and sensibilities could be listening.


To receive further information, stay informed about the project and/or attend a Mini Interviews/Interview Skills workshop:
Contact Jenny at, with the subject “mini interview mailing list”
You can unsubscribe from the mailing list at any time.