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Radio Postcards

Is there someone you’re missing right now, someone you’d like to check in on or send a friendly message?  CFRU is happy to introduce the Radio Postcard Project, as a way to connect with people you care about through our FM and online airwaves in this strange time of limited in-person contact!

The process is quite simple: Just record a short audio message (anywhere between 30 seconds and two minutes) using whatever device you prefer, and upload using the form below!

Be sure to enter the details requested so we can let you and the recipient know when the postcard will air.  If you need any help at all, please email

Maybe you’d like to tell a friend on the other side of the planet that you miss their ridiculous jokes and impeccable style? Perhaps you’d like to tell your sister that you were thinking of her when you passed your favourite coffee shop yesterday? Maybe you’d like to send a message to a grandparent or child, to let them know you’re thinking of them?  Sing a song, read a poem, reach across the void!  Just make sure you keep the content radio-appropriate, and we’ll help make the connection.


CFRU will contact both you and the recipient with info on when and how to listen
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
Files must be saved and uploaded in .mp3 format. If you have a different format (.wav, .aif, etc) you can convert to mp3 using itunes or most other media players using the "convert to" or "save as" functions.