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The 1980s

Scroll through the images below, listen to recent interviews with staff and volunteers from this decade, and click play on the archives to hear actual programs and spots from this period.  You can also select a specific year at the bottom of the page to find more recordings, images and ephemera from that time.

Because this is a living, ongoing project, we’ll be adding more content to every page, presumably forever.  So visit often, and enjoy!


Images and Clippings (Scroll Through)


Blaine Barber on CFRU and its Influence on him as a Kid in Guelph:

Lyle Halcro speaking to the First Few Years at CFRU:

Monique Lanoix on her Vision as Station Manager:

Greg Jarvis on CFRU Leading to a Career in Music:

Lyle Halcro on the Goldie Mill Show:

Lyle Halcro on Redesigning and Working on the Station:

Lyle Halcro on the Importance of Campus and Community Radio:

James Gordon on the Importance of Campus and Community Radio:

Robert Bell on Getting Involved as a Kid in Guelph:

Robert, Monique and Greg on CFRU and the Local Music Scene:

James Gordon on the Economic Pressures Faced by CFRU:

James Gordon on How CFRU Supports Local Artists:

Monique and Robert on Transmitting, Power and Coverage:

Robert Bell on Meeting CRTC Regulations: