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The 2010s

Scroll through the images below, listen to recent interviews with staff and volunteers from this decade, and click play on the archives to hear actual programs and spots from this period.  You can also select a specific year at the bottom of the page to find more recordings, images and ephemera from that time.

Because this is a living, ongoing project, we’ll be adding more content to every page, presumably forever.  So visit often, and enjoy!


Images and Clippings (Scroll Through)


Bryan Webb on CFRU Evolution:

Jenny Mitchell on The Mobile Studio and Accessibility:

Christopher Currie on CFRU Supporting Students:

Alex Rimmington on Supporting Local Music:

The Student Choice Initiative:

On the Value of Volunteers:

CFRU – The Sum of the Parts:

Odesia Howlett on Moving Forward with CFRU:

Jenny Mitchell on Music and CFRU:

Jenny Mitchell on the Joy of CFRU on FM:

CFRU and the COVID-19 Pandemic:

Featured Program Archives (See Specific Year Links for More)

Earful of Queer – December 2010:

These Things That People Make – Sarah Mangle – December 30, 2010:

Resonating Reconciliation Documentary Produced By Shonda White for CFRU, 2013:

Kookoo Bananas Variety Hour Live at Matthew’s Barber Shop – December 3, 2016:

Rae Spoon and Respectful Child – Live in Studio – September 26, 2018:

Mobile Community Radio, an interview with George from the Village of Arbour Trails, November 12, 2018:

Panel on the Student Choice Initiative, 2019: