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15 HOURS/WEEK / 9 WEEKS / $20/HOUR / FEB 27 2023 – APRIL 28 2023 


Application Deadline: Wednesday, February 15, 2023, at 5pm EST 

This position is available to registered and continuing students at the University of Guelph. 

Please send CV and cover letter to with the subject line, “Website Accessibility Assistant” 

CFRU is a volunteer-driven campus and community radio station and media centre committed to broadcasting high quality, innovative, and entertaining music and spoken word programming. We serve as a distinct alternative to other available radio and media services and provide an ongoing connection between the University campus and the wider community. 

Nature and scope: 

CFRU’s Website Accessibility Assistant (WAA) will work remotely online to assist our Operations Coordinator (OC) in reviewing the current state of our website ( using accessibility auditing systems such as This work will carry on from last year’s WAA student position. The WAA and OC will then develop and execute a plan for resolving any issues discovered. If large-scale changes are needed, the WAA will add to a document of recommendations which the Operations Coordinator will review with staff and board to plan future implementation. We offer students with functional Wordpress skills and an understanding of the importance of accessibility in design the opportunity to learn while working on this project. 


Working closely with, and reporting to, CFRU’s Operations Coordinator, the Website Accessibility Assistant will: 

● Run each page of our Wordpress site through accessibility auditing systems (support provided) 

● Develop a prioritized list of issues discovered 

● Develop a plan for resolving issues by priority 

● Implement and execute the plan where possible 

● Report to the Operations Coordinator on issues that cannot be resolved in the time provided 

● Time permitting, develop a report on considerations for all staff and site users to improve accessibility going forward 


CFRU is a resource for University of Guelph students, providing access to equipment, training, and skills development opportunities. We are also a platform for sharing student voices and perspectives while connecting students to the broader Guelph community through media production, events, and other engaging experiences. Our site is accessed by community members, students, and listeners 

internationally. The Website Accessibility Assistant will help improve our online resources, and assist CFRU Staff in identifying and resolving issues that may limit people’s ability to connect with this organization. We consider this a learning opportunity, wherein applicable training and support will be provided throughout the contract term, and a review will be conducted in the final week, where the student will be encouraged to reflect on skills developed and offer feedback to CFRU Staff. 

We are searching for a talented and professional University of Guelph student with good time management skills to remotely collaborate with staff on this project. The successful candidate will be encouraged to give constructive and detailed feedback, and will be offered support where needed. Applicants for this impactful role should be self-motivated, with good communication skills and an interest in problem-solving. This position requires some functional knowledge of Wordpress site editing and management. 


● Some functional experience with Wordpress and website development 

● Detail-oriented 

● Good communications skills (verbal and written) 

● Self-motivated and manages time well 

● Highly organized 

● Quick learner and able to follow instructions accurately 

Eligibility requirements: 

● This position is open to domestic and international undergraduate and graduate students registered at the University of Guelph in Winter Term 2023 

● International students must be legally eligible to work in Canada 


● Understanding of basic principles of website accessibility 

● Basic experience with with accessibility auditing software (eg. 

● Experience volunteering with CFRU 

● Familiar with campus & community radio 

● Friendly, enthusiastic, and positive attitude 

● Strong multi-tasking skills 

● Experience in data entry and database maintenance 

● Experience working/volunteering for not-for-profit organizations 

● Interest in media, radio broadcasting, content production 

● Knowledge of anti-oppressive practices 

This is a 15 hours per week position for a nine-week term beginning February 27th and ending April 28th, 2023 with a wage of $20 per hour. Weekly scheduling of hours will be flexible and adaptable around classes and other work schedules. The successful applicant for this position will be welcome to re-apply if CFRU offers this position in subsequent semesters. Only current University of Guelph students will be considered. This is not a unionized position. 

To apply, please send your resume and cover letter to by Wednesday, February 16, 2022, at 5pm. Please use the subject line, “Website Accessibility Assistant.” 


For a PDF of this posting, please click here. 

CFRU Radio is an employment equity employer. All qualified candidates are welcome. Preferences will be given to and applications are encouraged from all equity-seeking individuals including people living with disabilities, people of colour, Indigenous peoples, women, working class people, queer and/or trans people (an umbrella term recognizing many identities outside of the gender binary, including but not limited to: transgender, transsexual, Two-Spirited, genderqueer, gender-fluid, etc.). Please feel free to complete our Employment Equity Self-Identification Form.