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TOP 30

  1. VICTIME* Mi-Tronc Mi-Jambe (Michel) 
  2. ELAQUENT* Blessing In Disguise (Mello Music Group)
  3. TANYA TAGAQ* Toothsayer (Six Shooter)
  4. BIG THIEF U.F.O.F. (4AD)
  5. APOLLO SUNS* Dawn Offerings (Self-Released)
  6. ABIGAIL LAPELL* Getaway (Coax)
  7. FET.NAT* Le Mal (Boiled Records)
  8. TIM BAKER* Forever Overhead (Arts & Crafts)
  9. CHARLOTTE CORNFIELD* The Shape Of Your Name (Next Door)
  10. MOTHERHOOD* Dear Bongo (Forward Music Group)
  11. BIBIO Ribbons (Warp)
  12. THE SHIVERETTES* Real Shrill Bitches (Self-Released)
  13. ANGELIQUE KIDJO Celia (Verve)
  14. YVES JARVIS* The Same But By Different Means (Flemish Eye)
  15. WEYES BLOOD Titanic Rising (Sub Pop)
  16. BLEU NUIT* Le jardin des memoires (Michel)
  17. JEAN DEROME Sudoko pour pygmees (Ambiances Magnetiques)
  18. DIVORCER* Debt Jubilee (Comfortable On A Tightrope)
  19. Y LA BAMBA Mujeres (Tender Loving Empire)
  20. FLYING HÓRSES* Reverie (Bonsound)
  21. KHOTIN Beautiful You (reissue) (Ghostly International)
  22. CRABE* Notre-Dame de la vie intérieure (Pantoum Records)
  23. SAXSYNDRUM* Second Nature (so sorry records)
  24. SHARON VAN ETTEN Remind Me Tomorrow (Jagjaguwar)
  25. ALTIN GÜN Gece (ATO / Glitterbeat)
  26. SAID THE WHALE* Cascadia (Arts & Crafts)
  27. THE BUDOS BAND The Budos Band V (Daptone)
  28. JESSE MAC CORMACK* Now (Secret City)
  29. COMBO CHIMBITA Ahomale (Anti-)
  30. TACOCAT This Mess Is A Place (Sub Pop)


  1. ELAQUENT* Blessing In Disguise (Mello Music Group)
  2. TANYA TAGAQ* Toothsayer (Six Shooter)
  3. BIBIO Ribbons (Warp)
  4. KHOTIN Beautiful You (reissue) (Ghostly International)
  5. SAXSYNDRUM* Second Nature (so sorry records)
  6. STOIK* Pareidolia (Self-Released)
  7. JAYDA G* Significant Changes (Ninja Tune)
  8. QASIM NAQVI Teenages (Erased Tapes)
  9. WANGLED TEB* Seasonal Depression (TwoFifteen Records)
  10. THE CINEMATIC ORCHESTRA To Believe (Ninja Tune)

Hip Hop

  1. ELAQUENT* Blessing In Disguise (Mello Music Group)
  2. MATHEMATIK* ReAL/iS-HiM (Urbnet)
  3. PRINCESS NOKIA Metallic Butterfly (Remastered) (Rough Trade)
  4. DEAD OBIES* Dead (Bonsound)
  5. LITTLE SIMZ Grey Area (AGE 101)
  6. J-E-T-S ZOOSPA (Innovative Leisure)
  7. CLAIRMONT THE SECOND* Do You Drive (Self-Released)
  8. JAZZLIB* Behind Bars Too (Self-Released)
  9. CAM GNARLY GNARVANA (The Order Label)
  10. MOVES* Hiss 3: Hissterectomy (Hand’Solo)


  1. ANGELIQUE KIDJO Celia (Verve)
  2. ALTIN GÜN Gece (ATO / Glitterbeat)
  3. COMBO CHIMBITA Ahomale (Anti-)
  4. WESLI Rapadou Kreyol (Wes-Urban)
  6. IBIBIO SOUND MACHINE Doko Mien (Merge)
  7. BLACK ROOTS With Friends (reissue) (Nubian Records)
  8. GRUPO FANTASMA American Music: Vol. VII (Blue Corn)
  9. LOS REVOLUCIONARIOS Los Revolucionarios (Vampisoul)
  10. YOUSSOU N’DOUR History (Naive)

Jazz & Experimental

  1. APOLLO SUNS* Dawn Offerings (Self-Released)
  2. JEAN DEROME Sudoko pour pygmees (Ambiances Magnetiques)
  3. THE BUDOS BAND The Budos Band V (Daptone)
  4. TRIO ANTIPODES* Upside Downwards (Self-Released)
  5. THE COMET IS COMING Trust In The Lifeforce Of The Deep Mystery (Impulse!)
  6. CE FRANÇOIS COUTURE* Deux suites recomposees pour piano (Cuchabata)
  7. ANNA WEBBER Clockwise (Pi)
  8. DUSTIN LAURENZI Snaketime: The Music of Moondog (Feeding Tube/Astral Spirits)
  9. DANIELLE PALARDY ROGER* Cannibale (Ambiances Magnetiques)
  10. ANDRE WICKENHEISER* A Happy Little Accident (Self-Released)


  1. VICTIME* Mi-Tronc Mi-Jambe (Michel)
  2. THE SHIVERETTES* Real Shrill Bitches (Self-Released)
  3. MISERY INDEX Rituals of Power (Season Of Mist)
  4. DREAM THEATER Distance Over Time (Inside Out)
  5. PUP* Morbid Stuff (Little Dipper)
  6. SLUDGEHAMMER* Antechamber (Self-Released)
  7. BRUTUS Nest (Sargent House)
  8. HEART ATTACK KIDS* Bad Luck Like Gold (New Damage)
  9. THE GREAT SABATINI* Goodbye Audio (No List)
  10. KOSM* Cosmonaut (Self-Released)


  1. ABIGAIL LAPELL* Getaway (Coax)
  2. BIG DADDY WILSON Deep In My Soul (Ruf)
  3. HOOK AND NAIL* Ghosts of Taylorton (Self-Released)
  4. WHITEHORSE* The Northern South, Vol. 2 (Six Shooter Records)
  5. DAVID FRANCEY* The Broken Heart of Everything (Self-Released)
  6. DAMIEN JURADO In The Shape Of A Storm (Mama Bird)
  7. AMANDA RHEAUME* The Skin I’m In (Self-Released)
  8. OUR NATIVE DAUGHTERS Songs of Our Native Daughters (Smithsonian Folkways)
  9. TOMATO TOMATO* Canary In A Coal Mine (Self-Released)
  10. SHANA CLEVELAND Night Of The Worm (Hardly Art)