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University of Guelph

Guelph, ON Canada

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Partnerships and Event Support
We at CFRU Radio recognize that our station includes a talented and diverse community of volunteers, many of whom are involved in promoting events in the Guelph area. 

We welcome the opportunity to support any events that reflect our mandate, and we encourage all volunteers to bring forward ideas for shared promotions and presentations.

Please note that all events co-sponsored by CFRU must receive approval from the station. All volunteers who wish to use the station's logo for an event or project must first receive permission from CFRU staff or the board of directors.

what's possible

We're music nerds, archivists, journalists, sound artists, designers, event planners, techies, activists, and more. CFRU is a place to develop and hone the valuable skills you already have or develop new and unexpected skills. Follow the steps below and get started today!

volunteering at cfru

on-air programmer

things to do
Host a show!

Help with our news department or other programming collectives - Investigate; produce stories; collect interviews; write headlines.



In-Studio Performances
On-Air studio Training

Programming and Policy with Christopher 

Show Proposal

Optional but recommended trainings for programmers include: portable recorder training, production studio training, live-to-air training, and interview training. Also a good idea to take a detailed tour of the music libraries with Alex.

production assistant

things to do

Produce PSAs, Station IDs, and ads

Train others!
Assist on radio shows

Production training with Bryan

Optional Additional Training Sessions include scriptwriting, audio art-ing, advanced editing techniques, portable recorder training, and more

music library assistant

things to do
Review music

Compile Weekly Charts

Maintain Music Libraries

CD Labelling

Communicate with local bands
Go talk to Alex!

promotion squad

things to do
Organize Events

Design posters, logos, and signs

Distribute Posters

Represent CFRU at events

Recruit Volunteers


things to do
Assist with Live-to-Airs

Repair Equipment

Studio Check-ups

Server/Website maintenance

Talk to Bryan!