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The 2000s

Scroll through the images below, listen to recent interviews with staff and volunteers from this decade, and click play on the archives to hear actual programs and spots from this period.  You can also select a specific year at the bottom of the page to find more recordings, images and ephemera from that time.

Because this is a living, ongoing project, we’ll be adding more content to every page, presumably forever.  So visit often, and enjoy!


Images and Clippings (Scroll Through)


Sarah Mangle on Outreach:

Peter Bradley on CFRU and the Local Music Scene:

Tara-Michelle on the First Live Hillside Broadcast:

Peter Bradley on Technical Changes at CFRU in the 2000s:

Sarah Mangle on the Funding Drive:

Peter Bradley on CFRU and Accessibility:

Barry Rooke on Getting his Start at CFRU:

Peter Bradley on Interviewing John Cale of The Velvet Underground:

Barry Rooke on Structural Changes at CFRU:

Sarah Mangle on Gaining Skills from CFRU and Community Radio:

Tara-Michelle on Queer Content on CFRU:

Sarah and Tara-Michelle on Music Libraries and the Tactile:

Barry Rooke on his Show, Amplified Radio:

Barry Rooke Wishing CFRU a Happy 40th Anniversary:

Featured Program Archives (See Specific Year Links for More)

2004 Barmitzvah Brothers Live on Hillside Radio: 

2003 Cornerstone Diaries, Episode 1:

2001 Simone, Immigrant Detention Centre (Part 1):