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Featured Clip

Excerpt from Hillside Radio – Barmitzvah Brothers, Live from the University Centre, 2004:


Featured Archives

2004 Hillside Radio – Barmitzvah Brothers:

2004 Interview w Guelph Indigenous Author Kim Anderson on Hillside Radio:

2004 Homelessness Marathon – Stuart Duncan – Guelph Union of Tenants and Supporters:

2004 Community Symposium Pt 1:

2004 Community Symposium Pt 2:

2004 Community Symposium Pt 3:

2004 Prisoners Justice Day – Speakers from Bound and Gagged Art Exhibit:

2004 Hillside Radio – Nate Coles:

2004 Interview w Filmmaker Velcrow Ripper – Scared Sacred:

The Labour Show – Day of Mourning, Susan Daub, Workers Health and Safety:

2004 Roundtable – Homelessness in Guelph:

2004-05-05 – Public Interest Radio:

2004 Labour Show ID #1:

2004 Homelessness Marathon – Gloria, Trish, Robin, Grandpa Byers:

2004 Hillside Radio – Reid Jamieson by John Gaudi:

2004 James Hastings – Eden Mills Writers’ Festival (with Jenn Moore):

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