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2000-02-11 CFRU News:

2000-02-18 CFRU News:

2000-03-03 CFRU News:

2000-03-10 CFRU News:

2000-03-23 CFRU News:

2000-03-31 CFRU News:

Show Promo – Timestretch

Show Promo – The Shape of Punk To Come

Show Promo – Soleil de Francophonie

Show Promo – Seems Like Old Times

Show Promo – Scatterbrains

Show Promo – Potter’s Bazarre

Show Promo – Music For The Mind

Show Promo – Mondo Bongos

Show Promo – I’m Certainly Not Pleased With My Options

Show Promo – Friday Noon Show – Robert Barron

Show Promo – Emotions Run High

Show Promo – DJ Twink

Show Promo – Clan Na Gael

Show Promo – Top Ten Countdown

Show Promo – Background Noise

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