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Board of Directors

The CFRU Board of Directors is comprised of both University of Guelph students and faculty as well as community members. Not all board members are necessarily active volunteers at CFRU; some just love the station and want to help out however they can!

Who We Are

The 2020-2021 Board members are:

Abdul-Rahim Abdulai (Treasurer)
Alex Green (Chair)
Amy Ward (Staff Liaison)
Janan Shoja Doost
Bled Celhyka

Sasha Radisic

Scott McWhinnie

*Please note that some members may join and exit throughout the year.

Click here to view the Board of Directors Meeting, Committee Meetings and Staff Meetings Schedule

What We Do

The Board of Directors at CFRU drives strategic and organizational planning, determines long term goals, provides general oversight for all radio station activities, and participates in a variety of CFRU Committees.

All board members are expected to participate on at least one committee (CFRU maintains policy, finance, tech, programming, health & Safety, management, employment equity, and hiring committees, among others) while also attending and participating at our monthly board meeting.

How To Join

You can join the board by being nominated (or by self-nominating) for election at or in advance of the Annual General Meeting. Typically, CFRU’s Annual General Meeting happens in early November. All CFRU members (volunteers, students, and dues-paying community members) are entitled to a vote at our AGM. Sometimes board positions open up mid-year however – in that case, the board may appoint board members to fill a vacancy. If you are interested in joining the board at any point of the year, email or for more information. A commitment of 5-10 hours per month is expected from our board members. (A “Nominations Booklet” is available also by emailing the above addresses for more detail on the expectations of each board member)

Become a Member

In order to be a voting member of CFRU, you must be a student, an active volunteer, or a dues-paying community member (which you are if you donated $24 or more to CFRU in the past year). If you would like to donate, please do so via paypal or by contacting for more information.