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Featured Clip

Excerpt from a talk by Dale Hamilton on Community Theatre Creating Community, October 1991:


Featured Archives

1991-10-28 – Eve-of-Uncertain-Tomorrows – James-DLugos:


1991-09-04 – NORTHERN SACRIFICE – A James Bay Primer 1 – Matthew Coon – Come On Cree Resistance:

1991-09-04 – NORTHERN SACRIFICE – A James Bay Primer 2 – Ian Goodman on Energy Alternatives:

1991 Dale-Hamilton – Community-Creating-Community-Speech:

1991-09-24 – Eric Hoskins – The Ongoing War Against Iraq:

1991-05-11 – Struggles-of-Aboriginal-Women – Sylvia-Maracle-Marlyn-Kane:

1991-05-07 – Rick McCutcheon – The Innocent Victims of War:

1991-04-10 – Chapter-and-Verse – MacGregor-Houle-Berto-Gray-Host-Claire-Keating – Poetry Readings:

1991-03-28 – Presence and Place – a conversation with Christopher Dewdney:

1991-03-12 – Atif-Kubursi-speech – Oil-and-the-Military-Industrial-Economy:

1991-03-12 – Atif Kubursi – The Gulf War & the Destruction of Iraq

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